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Ra'mona Marie ... Psychic  Intuitive

Hello there!   Welcome to my website!

I am a natural Psychic Intuitive, Deep Trance Channel, Clairvoyant or Empath. There are many more words to describe this gift or ability of inner sight.

I became aware of this gift as a child. Inner sight is a gift from God to us. It is our 6th sense. My inner sight has continued to increase as the years fly by.

Everyone is psychic or intuitive to some degree. Many people having moments of clear clarity or seeing prematurely events to come. This gift of inner sight can be developed, just as any other ability.

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A time has come of individuals seeking truth and awareness. Some people are more comfortable with this inner sight or inner knowing than others. Yet there are many individuals who are simpy afraid of the unknown, afraid to reach into their own consciousness for truth.

There was also a direct intent of religion per se centuries ago to discourage individuals away from this type of inner sight. A cultivation of the fact that people should not connect with God  independantly on their own, but to utilize the church or religion as an intermediary. This giving church or religion power that is seen today in religious organizations.

A fear has been taught us by ancient religion to avoid contact with psychics or the like...  for fear of being misled. That prophets, seers or clarivoyants were false. Casting negative impressions upon those with the ability of inner sight.

But even the Bible says of them "to judge them by their works."

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This ability is a latent gift many of us are becoming aware of. This gift of inner sight has been lying dormant in our minds. This gift of inner sight is a gift from God. It offers foresight as a solution to that old adage called hind sight.

Thousands of individuals are now coming to grip with their own pre-cognitive abilities. As we are moving into a new dawning of Christ consciousness or awareness. A shifting from old laws to new laws. Mankind only now truly becoming capable of eminating unconditional love, the law Christ introduced to us. Love bringing us into view of a new age, a new dawn.

These intuitive thoughts or feelings are sometimes just accepted as our gut instinct or conscience. Most of us simply doubt the clarity or insight when we receive it, questioning our sanity or blaming an overactive imagination for what is seen/ felt. Doubting the gift - insight.


The 6th Sense insights - inner sight - extended awareness is a gift from God.

Coming into a new age,  it is time we use this gift of clarity. 

Stop doubting yourself - Believe in yourself!  Believe in others around you!

© ra'mona marie 2002